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Toilet Tummy™ – Toilet Waste Water Solution – Simple Install & No Batteries

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 6.95  6.45 Free P&P to Ireland & UK


Tame your toilet with a Toilet Tummy™. The Toilet Tummy™ is a globally

recognized water saving product that’s effective, low in cost,

maintenance free and user friendly.

This proven waste water solution has sold over 2 million worldwide.

Invented 20 years ago, millions have been sold and remain in

successful operation saving water every day.

The Toilet Tummy™ is the least complex and easiest to use toilet

tank water saving product; just fill with water and hang on the

inside of the toilet tank wall then forget about it…

It is estimated that approximately 40% of household water is used

by flushing the toilet. Much of this water is wasted. A toilet tummy

can reduce the amount of water used when you flush by 2 litres.

If you install one on either side of the cistern you can

save up to 4 litres per flush.

Availability: Out of stock


The Toilet Tummy™ is lightweight, and never needs maintenance.

With the average person flushing a minimum of six times a day

the Toilet Tummy’s™ water savings add up.


  • 1. Carefully remove top of your toilet cistern and place aside.
  • 2. Fill your toilet tummy as close to the fill line as possible with water from the sink.
  • 3. Hang the filled Toilet Tummy on the left side of the tank. Flush toilet.
  • 4. If the Toilet Tummy interferes with any moving part in the tank,
  • move to another location in the tank, re-hang and flush again.
  • 5.Before replacing the tank top, check the water level.
  • 6. The fill line on the back of the tank usually marks the right level,
  • approximately 0.5 Inch below the top of the standpipe.
  • 7. If the water is higher, adjust the float to lower it a bit.

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 34 × 21 × 0.2 cm


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