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Freeplay Sherpa A206 Windup LED Torch

Availability : Out of stock
 114.95 Free P&P to Ireland & UK
  • This is the toughest  self powered torch in the world. 
  •            This dependable self-powered LED torch gives up to 18 hours of continuous shine time. 
  •     Guarantees light in off-grid conditions. 


The Freeplay Sherpa LED Flashlight epitomizes the dependability of the Freeplay flashlight range. This compact and robust flashlight incorporates failsafe Freeplay self-charge technology together with the reliability of ultra-bright white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). 

The LEDs provide excellent brightness, efficiency and shine time with their longevity providing the peace of mind of never needing to ever replace bulbs again. Ideal for both every day and emergency use the Sherpa LED is designed to be a serious tool, the self-charge system offering maximum dependability for those times when you can’t afford to be left in the dark by dead batteries.

Availability: Out of stock


Main Features:

  • Choose between two different light intensities
  • 1 LED with 100,000 hour life
  • Charge via crank handle or USB connection
  • Non-slip casing made of a rubber and plastic mix


Wind-up: AC alternator driven by the crank via a transmission
Via standard USB cable
Rechargeable 3.6V Ni-MH battery pack
Ultra-bright high power white LED
Fully Charged Battery:
11 hours (economy beam)
5 hours (Maxbrite)
1 Minute wind:
20 minutes (economy beam)
USB Charge Rate:
4 hours – 100% capacity
Height: 56mm
Width: 61mm
Length: 160mm
Item Weight: 0.285kg

Shipping Weight: 2.2kg

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6.1 × 5.6 cm

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